July 18, 2014
The Ultimate Phish Summer Tour Guide, By a Recently Divorced Dad

I wrote this! I’m happy with how it turned out, and I think it reads better if you put on Fuego.

July 17, 2014
Day 301


MBC: Allie has started being mean to me in her sleep.

In bed, she’ll wake me up by violently yanking all the covers off my body, and if I go to grab them back, she’ll punch me in the arm. If that were all of it, I could deal with it – but she’s now starting to call me a big fat farty baby, and a…

July 15, 2014
"If nothing else you absolutely must hear this Bowie > Cities > Bowie, which is one of the tastiest jams of summer ‘97: totally seamless segues back and forth between a beautifully detailed Bowie and a zippy stateside take on the Talking Heads cover. As for the rest of the show, if you’re new to the band you might be surprised to hear how lean the Wolfman’s > Chalkdust is (none of the clattering Rube Goldberg stuff of modern Wolfmen here). And when Trey flips on the Leslie during Stash you might think you’ve slipped naked into some unfathomable jazz ocean - it’s a spectacular rendition of that never-fail improvisatory showcase. Excellent show, highly recommended."

— I love Phish, but I can understand how someone could hate Phish.

July 14, 2014
Day 296-8


MBC: Allie and I have a pool in our apartment building, so now we are the king and queen of summer fun.

It is fun to invite our friends over to swim and lounge and relax by a modestly-sized, six and a half foot deep pool. It is empowering to know that we hold all the power over who gets invited…

July 14, 2014

I laughed so hard at this movie, harder than anything in recent memory.

July 11, 2014
Day 295



Sometimes I think the comedy world Allie exists in is like the Mafia.

We were watching Goodfellas the other night, and it dawned on me how similar the two worlds are. Both Allie’s comedy world and the Mafia are these underground movements that let select people in. They both have an…

July 10, 2014

Ep 53 with Gilli Nissim -

This week, I interview Jeanette Queller. Jeanette is a former yoga instructor here in Astoria. I spoke with Jeanette about water births, acolytes, and McDonald’s.

Episode #53 - Jeanette Queller

July 9, 2014
Day 293


MBC: Allie does not understand why I like the band Phish.

Most people don’t understand why I like the band Phish, but of all of those people, I need Allie to understand the most. I don’t need her to like Phish or A Sunny Day In Glasgow or Fucked Up (maybe those three bands are insane when lined…

July 3, 2014
I love Yahoo Answers

I love Yahoo Answers

July 3, 2014
Day 276


MBC: Allie has her period right now.

Periods are so weird to me, but they really shouldn’t be. It’s a normal part of the female life, and I’ve been around many women on their periods (some I am sure I was not even aware were on their periods). I’ve seen Allie on her period all the time, but…

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